Modification of Irrigation Network in Lykon – Conversion of Exploratory Drilling to Productive Use – Water Usage Permit

The area under study is within the administrative boundaries of the Lykoi area of the Municipality of Edessa. The present study concerns the construction of a water pipeline for covering the irrigation needs of agricultural cultivations in the area of Lykoi Pellas. The required water quantities for the operation of the irrigation network will come from a nearby drilling in the Lykoi area, which will be converted from exploratory to productive. This project, besides covering the irrigation needs of the area, will also constitute an infrastructure project and support for the primary production sector and can be characterized as a project of utmost importance for the region, given that it will provide impetus for further development of the primary sector. The construction of the network will have a positive impact on the environmental development of the area. The proposed project will achieve the rational management of the water resources of the studied area, preventing, limiting, and addressing pollution, resulting in the upgrading and improvement of the quality of life of the residents and the protection of the natural environment. Additionally, it should be noted that this specific project will contribute to the increase of agricultural income and, by extension, to the stimulation of the local economy and will serve as a motive for the population in the countryside to engage in agriculture as their main source of income.


The design of the transportation pipeline was carried out based on some basic design principles that will ensure effective operation, the most economical solution regarding the construction and operation of the network, environmental compatibility of the works, the lowest possible disturbance of the residents during the construction and operation of the network, as well as the most rational management and protection of water resources.

The following was proposed for the modification of the irrigation network of Lykoi:

  • Construction of a pumping station
  • Installation of irrigation water transport pipes starting from the existing drilling
  • Reinforced concrete shelter to house the pumping station
  • Installation of drainage wells and ventilation shafts

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