Preparation of Financial and Auction Issues for the Project: “Completion of the Sewage Network of Kalloni City”

The project concerns the completion of the sewage network of Kalloni Settlement, in the Municipality of Western Lesvos, Lesvos Prefecture. The main objective of this specific project is to complete the sewage system of Kalloni, which is new and covers about 75% of the settlement, constructed with various contracts depending on the available funding programs for the projects. The remaining pipelines to be constructed will be new sewage collectors in sections of the settlement where residents currently use septic tanks. With the construction of the remaining networks, the entire urban waste collection of the settlement, through the existing transport system, will be directed to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Kalloni.


The construction of the remaining networks will comply with the current legislation for environmental protection and will protect public health from soil pollution, underground aquifers, and surface water bodies, as well as from the appearance of odors due to the septic conditions of the septic sludge.

The proposed works to be executed by the study are as follows:

  1. Gravity sewer networks, consisting of two (2) types of pipes
  2. Pressure sewer network, consisting of one (1) pipe that connects to the sewage pumping station
  3. Inspection chambers, located between the sewer pipes
  4. Support structures for specific conditions to protect workers and ensure the proper construction of all works
  5. Trenches, within which the pipes will be buried
  6. Electrical and mechanical installations of the sewage pumping station, including an underground and an aboveground section.

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