Restoration of a Municipal School Building in Stratoniki, Chalkidiki and Its Reuse as a Multifunctional Aristotle Education Center

The building under study is located in the southwestern part of the settlement of Stratoniki, in the regional unit of Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia region. . It is a two-story school building from the early 20th century (1913). The building is part of the cultural heritage of the settlement of Stratoniki as it presents significant typological and morphological characteristics of the local traditional Macedonian architecture of public buildings (schools) and is located in an area where other preserved buildings of traditional architecture can be found, which compose the unique architectural character of the settlement of Stratoniki.


For the maintenance and restoration of the Didactic Building, the proposed basic architectural interventions are as follows:

  • Load-bearing masonry
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Damage to wooden elements/facade elements
  • Integration of the new use of the Aristotle Education Center

For the maintenance and restoration of the Didactic Building, the proposed basic architectural interventions are as follows:


  1. Clean the stonework, remove decayed materials, and replace broken or disconnected stones where necessary.
  2. Maintain the wooden elements (vertical and horizontal) of the facades and replace where necessary.
  3. Maintain decorative elements and arched lintels of the windows.
  4. Remove external heating/cooling installations and pipes as well as all additions on the facades.
  5. Remove the newer chimney made of bricks on the western facade of the building.
  6. Clear and carefully reconstruct (inside and outside) the joints of the stonework.
  7. Restore the plaster of the northern facade in the same shade as the existing one.
  8. Restore openings and reconstruct window frames (where necessary) and doors, based on archive photos.
  9. Remove metal fittings and replace them with new wooden ones made of oak.
  10. Utilize both entrances to the building.
  11. Remove the reinforced concrete staircase at the southern entrance of the building and replace it with a new wooden staircase made of oak.
  12. Remove the roof covering the staircase and replace it with a new wooden roof.
  13. Maintenance and reconstruction of the courtyard area along with the fencing and entrance door as well as the staircase of the courtyard.
  14. Reconstruction of the roof.


  1. Maintenance of the wooden elements of the building and replacement where required.
  2. Reconstruction of the sanitary spaces, with larger dimensions, creating one mixed gender and one mixed gender accessible restroom.
  3. Ceiling lining of the ground floor with plasterboard and installation of concealed lighting.
  4. Ceiling lining of the upper floor with plasterboard and installation of concealed lighting.
  5. Thermal insulation of the upper floor ceiling.
  6. Restoration of the exterior plaster and construction of new in an open tone of grey (RAL 7035).
  7. Restoration of the mosaic floor, as well as its joints.
  8. Construction of two metal mezzanines, with lining of wooden beams.
  9. Removal of the existing heating system and replacement with a new one, both on the ground floor and the upper floor.
  10. Removal of the HVAC installations that are no longer in use.
  11. Installation of lighting fixtures on the ground floor and upper floor, as specified by the lighting study.

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