Study of the construction of a regulatory terrain dam for water saving in the Prodromos area

This study concerns the Hydraulic Study of the project “STUDY OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF A REGULATORY TERRAIN DAM FOR WATER SAVING IN THE PRODROMOS AREA” within the Regional Unit of Pella, in the Region of Central Macedonia. The present study refers to the necessary water flow arrangement projects that aim to save water and prevent floods. More specifically, it refers to the preparation of hydraulic calculations in one (1) selected site for the construction of a regulatory terrain dam and the drawing up of a definitive hydraulic study.


The aim of the study is the construction of a terrain dam to retain rainwater, surface water as well as any contact load of the upstream at the settlement of Prodromos Almopia. The terrain dam will supply water for a variety of purposes as well as achieve flood protection of the settlements located near it.

The purpose of simulating a dam and its corresponding reservoir through this study is to calculate the useful volume in such a scenario, as well as the likelihood of reducing or delaying the occurrence of floods downstream of the dam.

For this reason, various areas throughout the catchment area of the watercourse were investigated, with the aim of finding suitable locations for the siting of such a project. The construction of an earthy storage dam and the use of the reservoir formed upstream of it, as a storage tank for the flood runoff, was considered a suitable technical project.

The conditions that should be satisfied by a candidate site proposal mainly have to do with the natural topography of the wider area, but also with the position of the proposed site in the hydrological sequence of the formation of the watersheds. The natural terrain is directly related to the dimensions of the dam and to the capacity of the reservoir, while the position in the hydrological sequence is related to the volume of inflows into the dam’s reservoir. More specifically, suitable locations are narrow valley outlets, which ensure a reduced dam length and α gentle terrain in the area where the reservoir will be formed, limited by steep slopes, and in a position to drain as much of the catchment as possible. Factors such as the accessibility of the area and the availability of building materials are also important.

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