Study of waterproofing, electricity and lighting of the roof of Ormenio Border Station

The facility studied upon (entrance and exit of the Ormenio Border Station) is located on the Kastanion-Ormeni National Road. The covering area of the facility is 3,567.00 sq.m. and the basic structure consists of reinforced concrete.


About the procedure

The construction is divided into two parts with watertight expansion joints, which also act as protection against earthquakes. Thse create three spatial frames, two identical on the outside and an intermediate one with a different layout. The external frames consist of columns on which double-projecting inverted slabs are based with an opening in height. The intermediate frame consists of beams and slabs resting on reinforced concrete columns with three openings in height. For the runoff of rain from the roof there are gutters in which the water ends up.

In order to evaluate the current situation of the Ormenio Border Station, autopsies at all levels were carried out in the area outside and inside the building, before the mapping. The collection of data, photographs and the surveying with a laser scanner helped to identify the damage to the structural elements of the building and the parts of the roof that need immediate restoration.

The Electromechanical Study was prepared taking into account various other studies and data, which refer to the wider study field and are presented below:

  • Various elements (on-site identification of problems of the existing situation, existing technical works of rainwater drainage, etc.).
  • Orthophotograpic Maps and Satellite Images (Google Earth).
  • Data collected from an on-site survey and related to the existing situation. At the same time, in order to obtain a thorough view of the study area, the researcher carried out multiple autopsies during which many photographs of the wider area were taken.
  • Topographical surveying of the area.

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