Actions for energy upgrade, energy saving and utilization of RES in the General Hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas”

The purpose of this study is to assess the energy efficiency of the General Hospital of Patras “Agios Andreas”. This assessment is mandatory under Law 3661/2008, which outlines measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings and other provisions. Specifically, this law requires that all new or significantly renovated buildings undergo an energy efficiency study, with the exception of those outlined in Article 11, as amended by Articles 10 and 10A of Law 3851/2010. The hospital unit under examination is a three-story structure with a basement, boasting a total area of 7070 m² and a useful area of 6400 m².


The interventions proposed by this study will concentrate on reducing thermal losses and energy consumption during the heating season, as well as reducing energy consumption from lighting. The ultimate objective of these interventions is to elevate the energy efficiency rating of the building from category Z to at least category B+.

The proposed interventions are divided into two categories and are as follows:

  1. Energy upgrading interventions of the building envelope
  • Replacement of old frames with new energy-efficient frames
  • Placement of thermal insulation on all sides of the building
  • Insulation and sealing of the roof of the building
  1. Upgrading interventions of the building’s electromechanical installations
  • Replacement of the central heating boiler of the building with a new high-temperature heat pump
  • Placement of solar collectors for hot water use
  • Replacement of the cooling system and cooling units with new VRV technology
  • Upgrading of the building’s lighting with new LED technology
  • Installation of a Photovoltaic (PV) system for electricity production

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