MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. provides a wide range of services concerning Public and Private Studies in Greece and abroad, offering integrated solutions and continuous support, based on European standards. Thanks to the most modern means of terrestrial and satellite imagery, the company offers immediate and reliable services, satisfying the needs of its customers.

Among others, the company deals with sectors such as the following: • Terrestrial and satellite surveying • Environmental management studies • Transportation studies • Hydraulic studies • Architectural studies • Structural studies • Urban planning studies • Electromechanical project studies • Coastal engineering studies • Coastal erosion protection studies • Restoration studies • Redevelopment studies of public spaces • Technical consultant & project management services.
Surveying Studies

Surveying Studies


Our company’s personnel is able to carry out surveying works and studies, such as:

– Establishment of high-precision trigonometric and geodetic networks
– Establishment of micro-movement monitoring networks
– Establishment of tunnel convergence monitoring networks
– 3D scanning and modeling
Applications of local coordinate transformations between reference systems
– Underground tunnel construction monitoring
– Depositions measurements
– Sounding
– Terrestrial, underground and aerial surveying
– Land surveys
– Expropriations – acts of settlement and actuarial compensation
– Photogrammetry and telescopic applications
– Geographic Information Systems (g.I.S.) applications

Enviromental Management Studies

Environmental Management


Our company is involved in the environmental licensing procedure of its Projects or activities. Additionally, the company carries out all stages of studies regarding Solid Waste Management Projects (landfill construction, landfill restoration, etc.).

Further studies:

– Management plans – strategic planning studies
– Studies for environmental licensing of technical projects and activities
– Completion of necessary procedures for subjecting a project to standard environmental commitments
– Technical studies needed for restoration permits, concerning the environmental restoration of landfills
– Definitive restoration studies of landfills
–Sanitary landfills studies
– Studies of collection, transport and temporary storage of solid & liquid waste
– Public areas restoration – revitalization studies

Hydraulic studies


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI O.E. undertakes all stages of studies regarding anti-flood protection of urban and rural areas, stream and river delineation and characterization process, dam construction, as well as water and sewerage networks of settlements.

Further studies:

– Stream and river delineation studies
– Studies of drainage projects
– Studies of dam construction projects
– Studies of wastewater treatment facilities
– Studies of irrigation and water supply networks of urban and rural areas
– Studies of sewage networks of urban and rural areas
– Studies of rainwater drainage networks for urban and rural areas
– Studies of anti-flood and land improvement facilities

Transportation Studies

Transportation Studies


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. undertakes Transportation Studies, for the
improvement of the urban environment and environmental living
conditions in cities.

– Design of cycle paths and pedestrian paths
– Evaluation of existing infrastructure
– Road safety studies
– Studies of traffic junctions
– Road marking and insurance studies
– Traffic management and city parking studies
– Traffic junction signaling studies

Structural Studies

Structural Studies


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. assesses the structural adequacy of existing buildings, as well as of new building and infrastructure projects.

Further studies:

– Structural analysis of new or existing buildings or establishment
– Building project studies
– Metal building studies
– Infrastructure projects
– Studies of water tanks
– Studies of wells, pumping stations, etc.

Architectural Studies


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. works on a wide range of architectural design projects and studies, such as buildings, facilities and infrastructure projects, restoration projects, landscape design, building energy upgrade studies, etc.

We have certified knowledge of three-dimensional building information models (B.I.M. models). Thanks to training, experience and constant catch-up of technological developments, we create realistic 3D visualizations of new or existing establishments, that provide all the necessary constructional information.

Further studies:

– Landscape design
– Urban planning studies
– Restoration projects
– Building projects
– Bioclimatic architecture projects
– Building energy upgrade projects
– Participation in national and international competitions

Electromechanical Studies


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. undertakes electromechanical studies of the building and infrastructure projects.


– Preliminary Studies, Final Studies, and Electromechanical Studies of infrastructure projects
– Thermal insulation and energy efficiency studies in accordance with the Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings.
– Studies for heating installations
– Studies for air conditioning-ventilation facilities
– Electrical installation studies
– Fire prevention studies
– Lightning protection studies
–Lighting studies

Technical Advisor Services


MIHANIKI MELETITIKI G.P. has many years of experience as a Technical Advisor for projects of public and private entities. More specifically, it undertakes:

– Feasibility and project development studies
– Technical-economic analysis and estimations of investment projects
– Support of Public Services and Entities in funding proposals and development programs
– Technical Advisor Services to Institutions (drafting of tender documents, evaluation of offers, contracts)
– Supervision and monitoring of construction of public and private projects

Technical Advisor Services

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