Fire Protection Measures and Equipment in the School of the Municipality of Aristotle

The focus of the research pertains to the implementation of maintenance, repair, and upgrade operations of Fire Detection and Fire Suppression systems in 38 educational facilities owned by the Municipality of Aristotle (Philodemos II) in Chalkidiki. The primary objective of fire safety in a building is manifold and linked to safeguarding human life and well-being, as well as curbing the degree of material loss caused by fires. The chief aim of the research was to forestall the occurrence of a fire, confine its spread to other regions, and promptly put it out before posing a threat to the users of the building and the structural stability.


The study comprises two main components: a Passive Fire Protection examination, which encompasses all the measures adopted during the construction of the building, and an Active Fire Protection investigation that pertains to fire safety systems that must be mounted in a building, with the goal of detecting and responding to a fire promptly before it spirals out of control.

More specifically, the research anticipated the comprehensive supply and installation of fire safety systems in the educational edifices of the Municipality of Aristotle, in conformity with the corresponding approved fire safety studies and technical specifications of the Fire Department, for issuing the necessary building permits.

The tasks that are planned to be executed are:

A) Supply, installation at the designated positions, including all necessary materials and accessories, and performance of functionality tests for:

  • Automatic fire detection systems with control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, optical detectors, visual alarm devices, sirens, strobe lights,
  • Manual electric fire alarm systems with fire alarm bells,
  • Automatic and manual local fire extinguishing systems,
  • Simple fire hydrant networks,
  • Safety lighting and escape route signage,
  • Portable fire extinguishers, mobile fire extinguishers, and dry powder, CO2, and WET CHEMICAL roof-mounted fire extinguishers.

B) Inspection of the functionality and maintenance of existing fire safety systems

C) Construction works

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