Construction – reconstruction of walkways at Megali Panagia Settlement (Municipality of Aristotle)

The aim of this project is the Formation and Reconstruction of three existing walkways within the Settlement of Megali Panagia at Aristotelis Municipality of Aristotle. For the revitalisation of the area, we focused on sugesstions that improve living standards and ensure accessibility. The interventions proposed in this study aim to the creation of a pedestrian network within the settlement of Megali Panagia (Municipality of Aristotle). The paths are transformed into a paved walkway, mostly 1.2 meters wide, while the western, starting point of the first path is up to 3 meters wide. Paving also takes place simultaneously in the parks along the walkways. The reconstruction also refers to the view points and the upgrading of urban equipment with the addition of seats, waste bins, lighting and railings for the comfortable service of pedestrians. More specifically, it is proposed to reconstruct and widen the path at the view points, in order to place seats, which will encourage passers-by to see the view. The materials recommended for the sidewalks are irregular flagstones with an average thickness of 20 cm. Meanwhile, at some areas the sidewalk is widened, allowing the placement of seats. At these areas rammed earh is used. Also, at some spots where the path becomes very steep, steps are installed, facilitating walkthrough. Here we use rough slabs with chipped edges.


The addition of a lined trench, made of cement mortar and irregular stones along and vertically to the path every 10 m, was also important, for safe drainage water in cases of bad weather conditions.

In the square where the first path begins (the northern route to the chapel) a small construction made of concrete with a lining of styranium is additionally placed, meant for the water spring located there. Its purpose is to highlight the spring and at the same time protect visitors from falls, as the cliff is quite deep at this point.

It should be noted that the existing planting is maintained except for any plants that may block access. Finally, a black metal railing will be installed at the points where the slope of the route becomes steep.

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