Formation of the central square of Olympiada

The study aims to redevelop the central square of the Olympiada settlement, located in the Municipality of Aristotle in the Regional Unit of Chalkidiki, in the region of Central Macedonia. The primary objective of the study is to enhance the area’s pedestrian traffic flow by allocating the total area of the study for pedestrian use. The overall redevelopment and pedestrianization of the region will include the implementation of blind pathways and corresponding ramps throughout its length to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.


The existing Municipal Parking as well as the main street that crosses the settlement of Olympiada, which is located to the South of the existing square, will now form an integral part of the new configuration.

The central part of the square and the sidewalks adjacent to the contributing roads will be paved with pedestrian tiles to provide a smooth and even surface for walking. On the other hand, the contributing roads will be paved with concrete cobblestones, providing a sturdy and durable surface for vehicular traffic.

The intention of the design was to create a more three-dimensional relief, with differentiations, slopes, and graduations of the relief of the square, which would introduce the user to a narrative path, without disturbing the continuity of the relief.

More specifically, it was proposed:

  • Placement of an underground fountain
  • Placement of a fence
  • Formation of green spaces
  • Placement of wooden pergolas
  • Placement of seating areas
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities

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