Interventions of Energy Upgrading of the Building of the Administration

The subject of the present study was the energy upgrading of the building of the Thessaloniki Administration. The study aimed to improve the energy efficiency of the building, specifically its heating and lighting systems. An electromechanical and architectural study was prepared to achieve the objectives.


The goal of the Architectural study was the replacement of the lighting elements of the spaces to save energy throughout the building, as well as the functional/aesthetic upgrade of the lighting, in accordance with the applicable provisions, without impacting the quality of the lighting and the visual comfort of the building users. This was complemented and combined with the electromechanical study.

The proposed upgrade for the spaces of the Administration followed three main axes:

  • Energy upgrade of lighting – replacement of existing fixtures and lamps with new LED technology of optimal energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetic upgrade of the spaces through lighting – proposal of new fixtures, by type of space, which offer uniformity to the building, indicate each space according to its use, while maintaining simple morphological lines so as not to compete with the building and to respect its historical and authentic character.
  • Functional upgrade of the space, with a proposal that maximally covers the needs of each space and each user.

The integration of automation systems in the lighting system played an important role, which included motion/presence detection operation, while there was also a proposal for a semi-automatic solution using a controller integrated in each lighting fixture (based on space, use, etc.). In addition, a significant driver in the selection of lighting solutions was the minimization of interventions in the building envelope.

For the proper design of the lighting, it was essential to:

  • analyze the space
  • study the structural materials
  • approach the project historically
  • understanding of the technical and construction difficulties of the proposal
  • understanding of the building itself and the values it represents, as well as to adhere to basic principles of lighting.

The following works were proposed for the upgrading of the lighting of the Administrative Building:

  • Removal of existing lighting fixtures
  • • Installation of new lighting fixtures (placement, suspension, assembly and connection to the power supply)
  • Restoration of ceiling and plaster
  • Restoration of wall plaster
  • Collection of lighting fixtures for disposal in an accessible area of the building, from where the Recycling and Management of Municipal Waste Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki collects them for free.

The goal of the Electromechanical Study was:

  • Energy conservation.
  • Creation of conditions of thermal comfort during the winter period.
  • Reduction of the overall heating/cooling costs of the building.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

According to the Energy Performance Certificate of the Building, the following interventions are required for the upgrading of the heating system:

  1. Installation of adjustable flow circulators.
  2. Installation of automatic control of heating.

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