Preparation of Studies for the Restoration, Redevelopment, and Protection against Erosion of the Coastal Front of Stratoni

The specific study “Redevelopment and Enhancement of Stratonio Beach” was prepared within the framework of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project of restoration, redevelopment, and protection against erosion of the coastal front of Stratoni. It was part of a set of studies aimed at the holistic approach to the problem of the studied area. In the long run, the redevelopment of Stratoni Beach could serve as a catalyst for the process of highlighting the settlement as a whole, an excellent example of an industrial settlement with a unique architectural heritage and significant natural wealth.


The thematic axes of the strategic planning were:

  • The protection and enhancement of the ecological wealth
  • The social infrastructure and culture
  • The industrial archaeology
  • The alternative productive and economic activities
  • The creation of an expanded network

The restoration and redevelopment works included:

  • Earthworks for shaping and smoothing the terrain
  • Construction of breakwaters
  • Enrichment of the beach with sand
  • Installation of grids and drainage channels
  • Formation of sidewalks, pavements, and paths
  • Preservation of existing trees, planting new trees and clusters of shrubs
  • Construction and installation of three pavilions for recreational, dining, and cultural purposes
  • Construction and installation of urban equipment
  • Construction and installation of two sculptural shelters on the paths
  • Construction of a playground
  • Construction of a sports and climbing area
  • Installation of two outdoor fields
  • Creation of a parking space
  • Management of the outlets for flood protection
  • Installation of lighting
  • Accessibility provision
  • Traces of the mining history of Stratoni, with references on paths and trails, with the aim of enhancing the storytelling.

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