Regeneration of the central square of Ano Komi, Municipality of Kozani

The intervention area concerns the central square of the Ano Komi of Kozani, the sidewalk of the main road that adjoins it, as well as the cement-paved road on the southwest side of the square. The main goal of the study was to create the conditions and infrastructure that upgrade the area and highlight the function of the square. Specifically, the study aimed to shape the space of the square, to attract visitors, both residents and passersby and to make the square a lively public space for everyone.


The basic principles of the study were:

  • Protection and highlighting of greenery.
  • Bioclimatically appropriate interventions.
  • Ensuring a modern urban environment with constructions that will ensure durability over time.
  • Achieving an overall aesthetic image in the space as the identity of a modern urban landscape with respect for its historical character.
  • The aesthetic of plantings as a structural element of the overall architectural composition.
  • Urban equipment and design as constituent elements of the proposal.

The study involves specialized architectural design to regenerate the square based on the following guidelines. Firstly, the redesign of the central square of the settlement as an organized public space for community gatherings. Secondly, the design of traffic and stopping areas and the selection of suitable materials for paving and other constructions (such as urban equipment and lighting) that align with the natural landscape and minimize maintenance needs. Finally, the highlighting of the regeneration area with architectural lighting elements.

The final proposal includes:

  • Demolition of existing facilities
  • Reconfiguration of the square and its elements
  • Creation of new concrete flower beds
  • Creation of new waste bin positions
  • Placement of waste bins
  • Paving of the square with granite cobblestones
  • Installation of column and floor lighting
  • Construction of a retaining wall
  • Paving of the road with granite cobblestones
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the existing fountain and monument.

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