Regeneration Study of the Settlement of Galatista and Preparation of the Project Maturity Folder

The proposed interventions in this study concern the revitalization of the settlement of Galatista. The purpose of the study was to create a uniform and fully functional road network by paving the individual road sections known as ‘calderimia’, creating channels for rainwater drainage, and upgrading points of interest in the settlement, such as the park on Anthemountas Street. Additionally, it is deemed appropriate to highlight the numerous springs of the settlement.


The following proposals were made within the framework of the study:

  • Paving the individual road sections (paved alleys) of the settlement.
  • Creating channels for the drainage of rainwater, which will run along the axis (central part) of the paved road sections.
  • Reconstructing the central traffic axis of the settlement and creating an integrated network of sidewalks on both sides of the road.
  • Forming the park east of the central square, on Anthemountos street, by selecting the creation of suitable gradients and the differentiation of the proposed paving materials. At the same time, choosing to construct a concrete amphitheater, which will be accompanied by wooden pergolas to ensure the required shading. In the park area to be renovated, wooden seats are proposed, as well as trash bins placed in suitable locations.
  • Paving the floor of the individual fountains and springs of the regeneration area with natural materials, with the aim of harmoniously integrating them into the space and preserving their picturesque and historical memory, making the presence of the water element an important aspect of the cultural heritage of the Galatista settlement.
  • Upgrading existing stairs and creating new ones, mainly in areas that have steep slopes and pose multiple risks to the mobility of residents/visitors of the area.
  • Placing suitable and differently shaped lighting fixtures along the road sections to be regenerated and at points of increased interest.

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