Renovation of Stratou Avenue, Municipality of Ierissos

This study focuses on revitalizing and enhancing the Stratos Avenue in the Municipal Community of Ierissos, which belongs to the Municipal Unit of Stagira-Akanthos. For the revitalisation of the area, we focused on sugesstions that improve living standards and ensure accessibility. Specifically, the proposed interventions aim to redesign the 450-meter-long Stratos Avenue, which connects the Municipality of Aristotle Cultural Center to the coastal zone. The avenue will be converted from a two-way street to a one-way street, and new parking spaces will be created near the commercial area.


The required tasks for the implementation of the proposed project in this study are divided into two categories: demolition and shaping works.


  1. Removal of existing curbs.
  2. Removal of the existing pavement.
  3. Removal of the existing concrete beneath the pavement and any reinforced or unreinforced concrete.
  4. Removal of small concrete structures.
  5. Dismantling of existing signage poles.
  6. Milling of the asphalt pavement.
  7. Removal of asphalt layers and road surface layers.

B) SHAPING WORKS, including:

  1. Compaction of crushed quarry material.
  2. Compaction of reinforced concrete.
  3. Compaction of concrete where required.
  4. Διάστρωση Compaction of cementitious material.
  5. Construction of curbs.
  6. Overlaying of cast gravel material.
  7. Construction of concrete gutters.
  8. Installation of granite cubes.
  9. Installation of special plates for blind guidance.
  10. Construction of special ramps for people with disabilities.
  11. Asphalt paving of Stratos Avenue.
  12. Marking of pedestrian crossings.
  13. Construction of green areas and their demarcation with precast concrete curbs.
  14. Planting of trees.
  15. Installation of benches.
  16. Electrical installation and installation of new lighting poles.

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