Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Municipal Unit of Pallini

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) are highlighted as a new integrated and long-term approach to urban mobility planning, which allows local authorities to develop and implement urban mobility strategies based on comprehensive analysis of the existing situation. They provide a clear vision for sustainable development of the areas for which they are designed, which includes reducing energy consumption, atmospheric pollution and noise pollution, accidents, traffic congestion, preservation of public spaces, and more.


The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) aim to create a sustainable system of urban transport and mobility, utilizing efficiently the urban space, existing infrastructure and transport services by:

  • Ensuring accessibility to the transport network for users, taking care of disabled and impaired individuals.
  • Promoting road safety for users and vulnerable users of the networks in the intervention area, by taking measures to improve it.
  • Strengthening public transport and reducing the circulation of cars, especially private ones.
  • Promoting soft modes of transportation, especially non-motorized ones such as walking, cycling, and light electric vehicles (LEV).
  • Contributing to addressing climate change and reducing air pollution in urban areas.
  • Contributing to energy savings in transportation, developing electrification, promoting alternative fuels, and utilizing intelligent transport systems.
  • Contributing to upgrading the urban environment and the quality of life of citizens through the above.

The study area is the Municipality of Kassandra, which consists of two Municipal Units. The Municipal Unit of Kassandra and the Municipal Unit of Pallini. The need for the development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) arose from the need to address a large number of problems directly related to the mobility of people and goods and the overall traffic organization of the Municipality of Kassandra.

The vision of Sustainable Urban Mobility is the “creation of a smart and sustainable urban environment, through ensuring accessibility for all, promoting the use of soft modes of transport and public transport with respect for the environment, combined with the strengthening of road safety and the better organization of traffic and parking conditions”.

This specific strategic plan will organize the framework on which the Municipal Authority will operate during the next years, aiming to upgrade the level of service for users’ transportation networks, in order to ensure a safer, more efficient, environmentally friendly, and compatible transportation and traffic system, and subsequently upgrade the environmental quality and sustainability of the urban space.

The proposed interventions are as follows:

  • Creation of a complete and integrated network of accessible sidewalks with special provisions for people with disabilities
  • Improvement of traffic levels on central roads and decongestion of residential areas
  • Total planning of parking policy – tackling illegal parking
  • Creation of an integrated plan for the Mass Transit System
  • Improvement of road safety with appropriate interventions, configurations, and markings
  • Creation of a network of bicycle lanes
  • Ensuring smooth supply of commercial uses for economic development
  • Reduction of negative impacts of transportation on citizens’ health and the environment.

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