Topographical survey of Olympiada’s mine tunnels

In order to monitor and support the excavation of Mine Tunnels, it is necessary to establish and install a high-precision station control network. These positions are going to form the Trigonometric Control Framework through which the inclusion of newly established stations will be carried out both in the Greek Geodetic System (EGSA87/TM87) and in the Trigonometric Network of the Underground Tunnels and the overall construction site of the Olympiada mine. The positions of the control network stations were chosen at appropriate points with the aim of optimal resolution of the network in terms of accuracy, the achievement of the maximum possible visibility of the rest of the network as well as the protection of the stations from possible destruction. A necessary condition for the placement of the stations is that they maintain a safe distance from the obverse (more than 100 meters), in order to be protected from upcoming explosions. The approach of the crews near the obverse is done keeping a safe distance and always after the full retention of the obverse of the tunnel has been completed.


The measurements related to the establishment and expansion of the Control Network were carried out with modern robotic geodetic stations with high accuracy of angle measurements (1 second, 1”). To solve the above measurements, specialized software with algorithms was used, in accordance with the specifications and the current legislative framework. For the establishment and expansion of the control network, Trigonometric Networks and Polygonal Routes were solved, while for the creation of stations that are relatively closer to the active front, specialized algorithms of Angular or Lateral Intersection and Resection were applied.

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