Upgrade of the Coastal Front of Agios Efstratios Settlement

The objective of the study was to conduct a survey of the existing state, develop a proposal for the upgrade of the aesthetics and quality of the coastal front, and highlight the settlement’s natural environment and entirety. The study’s fundamental principles were the adaptation to the island’s aesthetics and character, the highlighting the island’s history and connection to the old settlement, the protection and enhancement of green and natural environments, the ensuring a modern urban environment with constructions that provide long-term durability, the creation of a comprehensive aesthetic image in the area as the identity of a contemporary urban landscape with respect to its historical character and the accessibility and access insurance to the study area.


The tasks required for implementing the proposed project were divided into two categories: removal and demolition works and Renovation works.

  1. REMOVAL AND DEMOLITION WORKS of the existing constructions, which included:
  • Removal of existing curbs, pavement, concrete and small concrete structures.
  • Milling of the existing asphalt.
  • Removal of existing signage poles, metal railings, and urban equipment.
  • Excavation of technical works foundations.
  • Removal of existing trees and uprooting, where required.
  1. RENOVATION WORKS included:
  • Laying concrete at necessary locations, at the bases of the layers, and at the supports of the barriers.
  • Laying cement above the reinforced concrete and below the final layers.
  • Placing cast concrete barriers.
  • Constructing concrete gutters along the barriers.
  • Building grandstands, amphitheater steps, and wooden stands.
  • Installing plates made of local stone.
  • Covering the floor with mosaic tiles or poured concrete.
  • Placing white concrete strips.
  • Installing special plates for blind guides.
  • Building special ramps and curb cuts for disabled pedestrians.
  • Marking pedestrian crossings.
  • Electrical installation and installation of new lighting poles and wall/floor-mounted lighting fixtures.
  • Placing waste bins, benches, seats, and “memorial constructions”.
  • Installing new fountains and showers.
  • Planting new trees, shrubs, and bushes, as well as the necessary irrigation network.
  • Moving existing wooden structures to a new location.
  • Laying asphalt as the final layer of the road.

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